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If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out. Renoirs (via renoirs)
We’re living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us. – Unknown (via ohteenscanrelate)


my hobbies include looking at text posts and wondering how i didn’t think of them first

You’re at fault sometimes




*finishes whole series of tv show* 

*does extensive background search on the cast and follows them on all social media*

*Rewatches entire series again*

*watches everything favourite cast member has been in, no matter how bad it is*


tumblr user: CAN *gif* WE *gif* JUST *gif* TALK *gif* ABOUT *gif* THIS *gif* FOR *gif* A *gif* MOMENT *gif* *gif *gif*

me: Chill

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